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10 Tips for healthy eating during exams

I found this awesome list of ways to eat healthy during finals week. Check them out!

  1. How do I eat smarter? Meeting daily vitamin and mineral requirementswill make doing your best much easier. Iron and B vitamins are especially important to maintaining the physical and mental energy necessary to study well. Iron-containing foods include red meat, cereals and spinach; one good meal idea is chili because it contains ground beef and kidney beans. Foods that contain B vitamins include whole-grains, wheat germ, eggs and nuts. Fish and soy are other foods that are said to help boost your brain by providing the nutrients it needs.
  2. Dude, chewable Vitamin C is not a meal. Dietary supplements are good, but real food is better. An orange contains not only Vitamin C, but also fiber, beta carotene and other minerals — so it can’t be replaced by a pill. When you’re heading for the library, pack whole-food items like apples, bananas, clementines, carrot sticks or dried apricots.
  3. Eat at regular intervals. Eating regular meals helps keep nutrient and energy levels more stable, curbing the temptation of empty-caloriesnacks in the vending machine.
  4. Big meals keep on turning … in your stomach. You might find that eating the standard three-big-meals-a-day slows you down mentally and physically. Consider 5 or 6 well-balanced, smaller meals, like toast spread with peanut butter, hummus or tuna, or a piece of cheese with fruit.
  5. Meet breakfast, your new study buddy. While much is said about thereasons to eat breakfast, less known are the best ways to eat smart in the morning. Coffee and a donut just don’t cut it. The idea is to get some protein, calcium, fibre and a piece of fruit or a vegetable in there. So, a bowl of cereal with milk and a piece of fruit would do the trick. Or try a cereal bar with milk. We have some additional quick breakfast ideas for you to enjoy!
  6. Going bananas? Good. Fruit ranks high among the best foods you can eat for your brain. Blueberries (which can be bought frozen in bags) get a lot of attention because they contain powerful antioxidants and other nutrients. The natural sugars in fruit offer clean energy, so you don’t experience the crash that follows consumption of refined sugar.
  7. Choose powerful vegetables. Not all vegetables are created equal. The darker the color, the higher the concentration of nutrients. For example,spinach has more to offer the mind and body than iceberg lettuce. Other great vegetable choices include bell peppers, broccoli and sweet potatoes.
  8. Smart snacking can enhance studying. Snack smart while studying and you may find that you retain more. Try to get two food groups into your snacks to balance the nutrients and keep your blood-sugar level stable. Some smart snack examples are banana with peanut butter, a small baked potato with cottage cheese, or an English muffin pizza.
  9. Gather simple recipes for nourishing foods. It’s easy to feed the brain well. No-fuss recipes let you eat to succeed, without taking too much time. Here are four ideas:
    • Combine scrambled eggs with toast, cheese or salsa
    • Spend 15 minutes preparing chili and continue studying while it simmers for two hours
    • Go Tex Mex with quesadillas, adding whatever veggies you’ve got on hand
    • A little chopping is all it takes to construct a hearty Chef’s Salad
  10. Stay well hydrated. Choose your beverages well, though. Caffeine and sugar should be kept to a minimum. Since too much caffeine can make you jittery, try to drink moderate amounts: 400 to 450 mg per day, the equivalent of 2/2.5 cups, (16 to 20 ounces or 500 to 625 ml). Better choices include water, fruit juice, milk, and anti-oxidant-rich green tea.

Thank you to this awesome website for the list! Check out their link below!


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Non-GMO Project

My good friend, Anne, has a sustainability and environment blog. She wrote this awesome article about genetically modified organisms in our food. Click the link to read about it!



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What to eat on the go: Airport food

Being an avid traveler, I often find myself hungry in an airport. Airports are some of the grossest, greasiest, uncomfortable places on the face of the planet, and their food tends to follow these characteristics. How do you keep control of the situation and not end up eating a whole $12 personal pan cheese pizza from UNO? (Just like I did this weekend…) I have several tricks for beating airport food.

1. Travel full. Avoid the situation entirely by planning and eating ahead of time. If your flight is not terribly long, a full meal before hand should hold you over till you get to your location.

2. Bring snacks. While you won’t be able to pack drinks, most food is okay. My go-to item is granola bars, pictured below. Protein bars such as these are made for making you feel full, so they are great to snack on when you get hungry, even if you’re on the plane. Fruit is good as well, but be careful when crossing international boards as it usually isn’t allowed.

3. Stick to what you know. When you find yourself traveling for long periods of time, it is sometimes necessary to dine in the airport. For snacks, there is usually a huge variety in stores, which often includes the same snacks you have been eating at home. Yogurt, granola bars, nuts, etc. are commonly seen items that are safe to stick to. When you need a full meal, go for a salad. Be careful of things like heavy, fattening toppings and creamy dressings, however. Lean chicken, tomato and mozzarella sandwiches, cheese sticks and fruit are all things that will probably be available as well (and safe to eat).

4. Skip the on-flight snacks. Usually the snack options are: cheesy crackers, cookies, chips and more cookies. Try to pack a snack for these situations.

5. Choose your on-flight meal. On most international flights (at least when I flew on British Airways), you can put in your flight information on their website and choose an option for the meals you receive. I picked vegetarian, but I know they also have vegan, gluten free and other options along those lines.

Comment with any other suggestions you may have!Image

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