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Stay Stress Free

Part of being healthy is managing your stress. Here are some ways to help stay stress free during finals week, thanks to Cabrini College!

Skip the Stress during Finals Week

Stressed out about exams and papers due during finals week? 
Use some of these tips to help maintain your stress.

  • Manage Your Time
    Make a schedule before finals week including when to study for each test, and stick with the schedule. 
  • Take Study Breaks 
    Cramming for five days straight will fry your brain, so give yourself some time to recharge. 
  • Sleep!  
    It is essential for a healthy mental state to get sleep, so don’t leave it out! 
    You’ll do much better on your exams if you get proper rest. 
  • Get Some Exercise
    Physical activity is a great form of stress relief. A short, fun activity will reduce your stress and give you time to recharge. 
  • Free Your Schedule
    Try to eliminate other responsibilities during finals week and focus on your exams. 
  • Study Groups 
    All of your classmates are studying for the same finals. 
    Pick a day to get together, study, and reward yourselves by ordering a pizza! 
  • Keep Things in Perspective
    Excessive stress will drive you crazy and hurt test performance. 
    Relax as much as possible. 
  • Get Help from Professors
    Who knows better than the one who wrote the test? 
    Go through your material ahead of time and ask questions! 


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