Spring break beach bod

With spring break quickly approaching, my housemates and I all decided to get in shape for spring break. Though I am just staying home, most of them are headed to the beautiful Clearwater Beach, FL. I decided to talk with them and see what they were doing to get ready.

Firstly, I wanted to get their honest opinion of why they thought it was important to get in shape for spring break. While most of them explained how they wanted to look good on the beach, here are some of their more specific answers. (And yes, I live with three Courtneys.)

Courtney Lusk: It makes you feel self confident, and may also make you want to be living a healthy lifestyle for spring break.

Courtney Battaglia: It’s important to get in shape for spring break so you can eat or drink as much as you want when you’re there.

Sarah Lewandowski: Because you don’t want to be the only whale on the beach.

Thanks in part to the new gym, we have been extra motivated to workout. Here are some of the things my housemates have been doing (in terms of exercise) to get in shape.

SL: Body Sculpting. It’s a class from 9-10 MW and we make exercise programs and workout. I learned how to use the weight machines. With the new fitness center I’ve been trying all the cardio machines.

CB: Since I can’t run anymore because of a hip injury, I had to find other ways to exercise. I tried all the other machines, and I like the AMT machine the best. It’s like an elliptical mixed with a stepper. It’s the running movement but not on the belt.

And since we all know you can’t get into great shape with just exercising, most of them have been changing what they eat. Here is a look at what some of they said they are eating (or not) to get the spring break body they want.

SL: More vegetables and fruit. No more chicken finger subs.

CB: Lots of apples.

Courtney Martinic: I’m not eating fried foods. I cut out chips, and I’m only drinking water. 

What are you doing to get your spring break body? Have you changed anything? What new exercises are you trying, what new foods are you eating? Comment below and let us know!


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