Safe running in the winter

Truth is, I hate the gym. I hate working out inside, I get bored. When I run on the treadmill, my attention lasts for about five minutes before I already want to be done. This is why I usually resort to running outside, a place where I could go forever. In the summer it’s awesome because I can run and do my whole workout right in my front yard (I’ll do another post about that as the weather warms up). But for now, I am stuck with either the gym or the cold, frigid Fredonia winter snow. 

A few things to keep in mind when running outside in the cold:
1. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Even though it may seem cold out and appear that you’re not sweating as much, you are still exerting a ton of energy and losing water, which you need to replace. Don’t let the cold temperatures fool you.

2. Stretch properly. Arctic-like elements could do some serious damage to your muscles and joints if you don’t stretch properly-before and after your workout. Stay tuned for a future post on specific stretching techniques. 

4. Dress appropriately. Even if your body heats up, you still need to protect yourself against the elements so you don’t cause any harm to your body. An additional layer of under-aromour type clothing is highly suggested in the cold. One of my favorite websites, Eastern Mountain Sports is having a huge sale right now where you should be able to find some great deals on gear for running outside. (Link below)

Personally, my ears are the first thing to get cold, they even sometimes start ringing. I hate hats, so this is an awesome alternative (which happens to be on sale right now!) This headband is made for running outside, and is only $6.98! You can’t beat that.


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