Little changes equals big success: Condiments

Throughout my weightloss, I have found a few tricks that were extremely simple but made all the difference. One of these things is avoiding or substituting certain condiments. As Americans, we feel the need to put extra stuff on everything-whether it be salt, sauces, spices, oils-you name it. Here are a few things you can change in your diet that will cut back on the fat and calories dramatically. 

MAYONAISE. This substance is no where near my food these days, which is strange since I used to be basically addicted to it. Being raised on turkey, mayo and iceburg lettuce sandwiches, I will admit it was a struggle at first to cut this fatty indulgence out of my daily diet. That is, until, I found much better substitutes. Here are awesome things you can put on your sandwiches that will not cost you:

1. Mustard-this is an awesome substitute because there is zero fat. And here in Western New York, we love our mustard-especially Weber’s.

2. Hot Sauce-this is something that will satisfy that savory craving you may have. It is great because it also has (usually) no fat. The only thing you may have to watch out for is that if you have it at a restaurant, it can sometimes be mixed with butter. A good switch for this when dealing with wings (or other things that taste good coated in hot sauce) is Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce. This tastes like it could have been mixed with butter, but it has no fat! It’s really wonderful.

Next is butter. With it being such an American food staple, this may be hard when eating out. However, when you are home I highly recommend substitutes such as, “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter”. While you might notice a difference if you’re just eating it on plain bread, it is hard to recognize the taste if you are using it to coat your pan when making pancakes. 

Oils- This may be common sense to many, but after talking with people I have learned not everyone knows the powers of olive oil. We go through bottles upon bottles of this at my house. The only time I may use vegetable oil is if I’m baking, which I will then try to swap out as well. Instead of using any type of salad dressing, I always start with oil, salt, pepper and then add what I feel like that day-usually lemon juice. This is another great way to get the fats you need and leave out the ones you don’t.

Feel free to comment other condiment substitutions you use on a daily basis! 

Note: I will be doing more of these later with other substitutions-lets keep this one to condiments please!

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